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Web design in York
Web design in York Web design in York Web design in York


We Flexxit with design in mind

We are a small creative web design company located in York, North Yorkshire. With our experience in web design we understand the importance of achieving the right image for your business as well as recognising the customers needs for easy interaction, navigation and usability. Flexxit Design is dedicated in it's approach for clear communication and information to achieve the results that will help us to help you get it right, can we deliver?

Yes, we can!

Web Development

Flexxit Design strives at making websites that are not only functional but also great to look at. Making this happen is key in web development, wether it's html, php, CSS coding or sourcing the right software to make it work, then we can do it!.

Wordpress Design

Having control is important to any business wanting to succeed.
We believe in the Wordpress framework and the web technologies that make it run like a well oiled machine and it's ability to keep you in full control of your future.

Data Collection

Companies, charities and educational bodies look to data collection to help in determining their target demographic. Flexxit Design has been commissioned to build and broadcast surveys to help them understand those needs and what they need to do to make sure their business grows efficiently

Web design in York Web development in York

How We Work

Design should always strive to be innovative, creative and awesome, but it's also important to remember that sometimes, experimenting with design techniques can help cultivate the right processes that work for your business, website and overall image

Awesome | adjective

extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe. "the awesome power of the oceans"
synonyms: breathtaking, amazing, stunning, awe-inspiring, stupendous, extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable.

Innovative | adjective

introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking. "designers who are now viewed as innovative"
synonyms: original, innovatory, innovational, new, novel, fresh, unconventional, unorthodox, off-centre.

Creative | adjective

relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something. "change unleashes people's creative energy"
synonyms: inventive, imaginative, innovative, innovatory, innovational, experimental, original.

Experimental | adjective

(of art or an artistic technique) involving a radically new and innovative style. "experimental music"
synonyms: innovative, innovatory, new, original, inventive, radical, avant-garde.

Web design in York Web design in York


Satisfy Your Needs

Our success depends not just on the strength of our design and development, but also on the hardware needed to put your website on the global internet. We strive to make sure that your business stays live and secure at all times, day and night!

Value hosting
Value Hosting

Great value for a small to medium sized business, the package includes the following:


Disk Space


.com domain name


Professional web design

For a medium sized business, the package includes powered storage, unlimited bandwidth.


Accelerated Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth


Ultimate business hosting

Hosting for powered users offering speed and reliability and no storage limits:

Unlimited SSD

Accelerated Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth


Business SSD
Domain Names

Let Flexxit Design source the perfect domain name for you:


.solutions, .design

with so much choice it can be hard to find the right domain for your business

Domain Names
from £14.99/2 years (

We want to change
peoples lives

If your interested in hosting or domain names or just want to pick our brains, then please get in touch via the Contact Form.

Who We Are

We create a fluid and visual experience through responsive technologies.

The importance of having a stimulating experience in an ever changing digital environment has become the goal of any evolving business.

Flexxit design strives to make this happen and in so doing, brings you closer to your core demographic with enhanced productivity and a visually stimulating presence on the world wide web.

Web design in York Web design in York


Some Recent Projects

Below is a small selection of some recent clients ranging from charitable organisations to the domestic and educational sectors. Each gives a small snippet of information in regards of the work entailed in these site developments.

Web design in York Web design in York Web design in York


Keep In Touch

Tel: +44 07525 416426
Answer Phone: 01904 898422

15 Muncastergate
York, YO31 9JX,
North Yorkshire, UK

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